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Granville Sharp

Johnston, Harry Hamilton, The Negro in the New World / by Sir Harry H. Johnston ; with one illustration in colour by the author and 390 black and white illustrations by the author and others ; maps by Mr. J. W. Addison. (published [1910]), London, Methuen [1910]

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Granville Sharp

Olaudah Equiano was the first to publicize the Zong case and to alert early prominent abolitionist Granville Sharp (1693-1758). In the 1780s, Sharp supported sending blacks who lived destitute in England - they were former slaves who had fought alongside the British during the American war of independence - to Sierra Leone. It was a failure. With Thomas Clarkson, Sharp founded the Society for the Abolition of the Slave trade in 1787. After 1807, with other abolitionists, he formed the Society for the Mitigation and Gradual Abolition of Slavery.