Hausa  Man

Morel, Edmund D., Affairs of West Africa, by Edmund D. Morel; With illustrations and maps. (published 1902), London, W. Heinemann, 1902.

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Hausa Man

After 1800 there was an increase in the share of Muslims, almost all of them passing through ports located in the Bight of Benin, such as Lagos (Nigeria) and Whydah (Benin), and comprising mainly Hausa and Yoruba.

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  2. Introduction
  3. The Economics of the Illegal Slave Trade
  4. Changes in Regions of Provenance
  5. A Shift in Ethnicities
  6. Changes in the Trading Centers
  7. From the Barracoon to the Middle Passage
  8. A New Demography
  9. No Longer a Triangular Trade
  10. The Impact of the Suppression
  11. Bibliography

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