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Reclus, Elisée, The earth and its inhabitants, Africa. (published 1890-1893 [v.1, 1892] ), New York : D. Appleton, 1890-1893 [v.1, 1892]

Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture / General Research and Reference Division

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In the Bight of Biafra the myriad waterways of the Niger Delta allowed captives to be moved quickly to points of embarkation beyond the knowledge of patrolling cruisers, and thus a clandestine trade survived longer there.

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  2. Introduction
  3. The Economics of the Illegal Slave Trade
  4. Changes in Regions of Provenance
  5. A Shift in Ethnicities
  6. Changes in the Trading Centers
  7. From the Barracoon to the Middle Passage
  8. A New Demography
  9. No Longer a Triangular Trade
  10. The Impact of the Suppression
  11. Bibliography

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