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Cudjo and Abache

Roche, Emma Langdon, Historic sketches of the South. (published 1914), New York, The Knickerbocker Press, 1914.

Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture / General Research and Reference Division

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Cudjo and Abache

Some voyages left directly from the United States. The Clotilda sailed from Mobile, Alabama in March 1860 and landed in Whydah (Benin) in May. The ship, with 110 men, women, and children on board arrived back in Mobile on July 8. Cudjo Lewis and Abache (Clara Turner), both Yoruba, were part of the group.

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  2. Introduction
  3. The Economics of the Illegal Slave Trade
  4. Changes in Regions of Provenance
  5. A Shift in Ethnicities
  6. Changes in the Trading Centers
  7. From the Barracoon to the Middle Passage
  8. A New Demography
  9. No Longer a Triangular Trade
  10. The Impact of the Suppression
  11. Bibliography

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