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<em>Freedom's Journal</em>

Woodson, Carter Godwin , The Negro in our history. (published [c1927]), Washington, D.C., The Associated Publishers, Inc. [c1927]

Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture / General Research and Reference Division

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Freedom's Journal

Samuel Cornish and John B. Russwurm founded the weekly newspaper Freedom’s Journal in New York City on March 16, 1827. They published local, national, and international information, denounced slavery, the slave trade, and injustices towards African Americans, and addressed issues such as colonization and the right to vote. It featured biographies of famous black men and women; articles on countries such as Haiti; published birth and death notices as well as job offers. The newspaper circulated in 11 states, the District of Columbia, Haiti, Europe, and Canada. One of its agents was the famous David Walker who published Walker’s Appeal which called for a slave uprising.

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  2. Introduction
  3. The Political 'Reopeners'
  4. Economic Issues
  5. In Search of a White Front
  6. The "Free Africans" Scheme
  7. Southern Opposition
  8. The Black Press and the Northern Press
  9. The End of the Revival Movement
  10. Bibliography

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