Images: Senegambia, the Gold Coast, and the Bight of Benin

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People from Ghana

Johnston, Harry Hamilton, Britain across the seas: Africa; a history and description of the British Empire in Africa. (published [1910] ), London, National Society's Depository [1910]

Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture / General Research and Reference Division

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People from Ghana

Twenty percent of Africans, or up to 50,000 people in the Carolinas and Georgia, came from the Gold Coast and the Windward Coast. In the Chesapeake, they represented as many as 15,000 people, or 10 percent of the total African population.

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  2. Introduction
  3. The Growth in Arrivals
  4. The Main Areas of Destination
  5. African Origins in the U.S.
  6. Peoples from the Kongo and the Bight of Biafra
  7. Senegambia, the Gold Coast, and the Bight of Benin
  8. The Creation of the African Diaspora
  9. Bibliography

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