Latest Research on the Transatlantic Slave Trade
Rich and detailed database of 35,000 slave voyages; with latest estimates on numbers, and places of origin of the Africans deported through the transatlantic slave trade

Unesco Slave Trade Archives
Overview of the archives pertaining to the slave trade in several countries

Slave Trade and Slavery Timeline

Bristol and the Slave Trade

Liverpool, main European port of the slave trade. Texts and 500 images related to the slave trade.

The Slave Trade
An interactive site of the National Maritime Museum. Eyewitness accounts, collection of objects, images and information about the slave trade, its abolition and its impact.

Slave Trade and Slavery
Africa South of the Sahara, portal of Stanford University

The Story of Africa
BBC’ site offers numerous articles, interviews, and programs; links and timelines on African history from the origins of mankind to the 20th century.

Gorée Island
Virtual visit of the island that was a main point of departure for the slave trade out of Senegal

Captive Passage
This Mariners' Museum site examines the maritime aspects of the transatlantic slave trade, along with the origins and legacies of race-based slavery.

The Middle Passage
Illustrations by Tom Feelings

Pictorial Images of the Transatlantic Slave Trade
African societies and cultures, and the transatlantic slave trade. Information, pictures, illustrations, portraits of African victims of the slave trade.

The Atlantic Slave trade and Slave Life in the Americas
Visual records

Philadelphia and the Slave Trade
Case of the Ganges Africans (1800)

Ebos Landing
The story better known as "Myth of the Flying Africans", based on the arrival of Igbo from Nigeria on St. Simons Island in 1803.

Brown University, the Slave Trade and Slavery
Report of the Steering Committee on Slavery and Justice

Slave Trade, Slavery, Abolitionism
Articles, images, excerpts of personal accounts, biographies of key figures.

British and African Abolitionists
Detailed information on their lives and works

William Wilberforce

British Acts on the Slave Trade

The African Squadron

Anti-Slavery Literature
Full texts of 19th century articles, pamphlets, and orations in the United States

End of the Slave Trade to Cuba and the USA

Paroles d’esclaves (in French)
Testimonies of children and grandchildren of enslaved people in Martinique

Caribbean Histories Revealed
Documents from the national Archives, United Kingdom

International Slavery Museum, Liverpool
A state of the art, well researched museum that opened in 2007

Breaking the Silence: Learning About the Transatlantic Slave Trade
The site aims to help teachers and educators. Links to maps of the trade routes and to lesson plans.